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Supernova 3 & 4

limited to 70 copies, each


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INT010 - ROOM 204 / G.I.JOE

INT 010 | 10"
ROOM 204 / G.I.JOE split

release date: oct. 3rd, 2005

rock. fast and frantic noise rock, on both sides. both are duos, one from france (ROOM 204) and one from italy (G.I.JOE), one instrumental, the other with vocals. ROOM 204 is a guitar/drums combination, G.I.JOE a bass/drums one - and both fucking great, on stage and recorded.
murmeltier bär did a great job in creating an awesome artwork by means of plastillin - this split comes on blue and black vinyl and is definitely an eye and ear candy!

ROOM 204

/a1 crocojet
/a2 fish cuisine
/a3 have fun washing

aymeric chaslerie (guit)
pierre antoine parois (dr)

recorded by: antoine lacoste
mastering by: miguel constantino


/b1 los instrumentos de torutura sexuala de senor walsh
/b2 teenage moustache
/b3 i thought you where stronger, cobra commander!
/b4 bello qui nonostante la pugga di pesce
/b5 my riding horse girl

alessandro de zan (bass)
riccardo bondetti (dr)

recorded by: fabio magistraly at XM24
mastering by: fabio magistraly and g.i.joe

artwork by: murmeltier bär

artwork [tif]
int010-mp3 [mp3/zip]
int010-flac [flac/zip]

En l'espace de deux albums, le duo guitare batterie nantais a posé les bases de sa musique en essayant de se renouveler à chaque morceau tout en restant trés proche de ce qu'il avait déjà été composé. Et si on s'amuse à écouterleur discographie d'une traite, vet aspect de répetition en perpétuelle évolution est d'autant plus intrigant. Alors ne vous étonnez pas si sur ces trois nouveaux morceaux vous êtes amenés à penser à leurs précédents efforts qui se baladent entre post rock dynamique, direct (débuts d'Ulan Bator ?) et une noise proche de celle que peut jouer Oxes si on veut. Sans chambouler quoique ce soit, Room 204 sert ici trois bons morceaux, de quoi patienter d'ici leur troisiéme album. G.I.Joe nous avait déjà fait forte impression que ça soit sur leur premier EP ou en concert. Contrairement à Room 204, cet autre duo, ici basse batterie, en provenance d'Italie a décidé de passer à la vitesse supérieure sur ce disque. Allez au placard le post punk noisy frais et catchy pas loin de Gâtechien...place à de la bonne grosse noise qui racle, rythme alambiqué, nerveux, breaks à tous les étages, liqnes de basse qui courent dans tous les sens...Hella, Godheadsilo, Lightning Bolt dans l'ojectif, sans la noirceur et las larsens qui vont avec...mais plutôt une touche juvénile qui les rapprocheraient presque de Belly Button. Quatre excellents titres qui valent à eux seuls l'achat ce fort recommandable split 10". (STNT greg)

Two bands consisting of two people on two sides of one fine record and it is one cool deal of noise rock. Now wait, write that in big letters: NOISE ROCK. Awright. Interstellar once again set out their antennas to detect signals of great bands that breathe and feed somewhere completely underground, to unearth them and give them an opportunity to present themselves in broad daylight. While some bands instantly wither away on such exposure, Room 204 and G.I.Joe kick the shit like true old timers.
This time around interstellar didn't give subheader to their split-releases like "it's never too late to split up" (Analena/Sensual Love), but they keep the flame of meaningful split releases and ten inch vinyl records, and you just gotta love them for both. Moreover, that's way more important than funny subheaders. Or maybe not, who am I to judge. I guess, the most important thing is that these records are being released that's all. Or not. Because translucent blue vinyl is anoter hint that these guys release records because they want to release cool records and not a lot else meddlin' in between. Sure, their love for noise rock is obvious, but that's just another point on the plus side, isn't it? If you disagree you might as well stop reading now, turn off your stereo and internet and go read an old book, write a poem or strum your old acoustic guitar, or whatever it is you hippies like to do when you are feeling mellow. If I sound a little puzzled or disturbed to you, don't worry, that's just the effect noise-rock and split releases have on me. My head starts to buzz, I feel tired yet unable to sleep and at times little specks of coloured light dance in front of my eyes. That's not a bad feeling. Actually, it is a lot better than the way I used to feel back then, but that's a completely different story and I don't want to bother you with that. Not everything has to be put down, written about or told. See, this information age is a demon in itself, but I am drifting off. Again. Maybe I should reconsider laying off my medicine.
Right from the beginning Room 204 hit some harder and harsher noiserocknoises than for instance on their album "trans panda". Gone are the days of postrockish experimenting with structures and finer sounds, except maybe ir you want to look for them within the beats and the middle-tones of the songs. But it could be that the place these gentler structures and fine points in between come from is nothing but the fact that a guitar has six small strings, whereas a bass has four fat strings. Their third track, "have gun washing" even features a second guitar. Just check the heavy-duty guitar-riffing on "fish cuisine", that would set the Oxes to shame as well as the whole bunch of nicey-nice hardcore-kids that try to run to majorlabel-superstardom cia labels willing to make a fortune from the pay-off. Most of the time they remind me a lot of a heavier, more primal version of Valina. Wow, what a compliment. Well, in direct comparison - and a split release just makes you compare two bands directly - Room 204 are softer and more introverted than G.I.Joe.
As a band G.I.Joe are different from Room 204 in at least two basic things: bass instead of guitar and vocals. Now with bass7drum-duos I usually instantly think ot the Ruins, but that's not at all what's happening here. My second thought of Lightning Bolt is also off the mark. Not only because it is the bass player singing here, but also because G.I.Joe are able to straighten out their noise and to keep a controlled eye on their song-structures. They tend to let loose and get into a manic frenzy, e.g. during the beginning of "teenage moustache", but never as apocalyptic and gigantic as the mighty Lightning Bolt. Their merit is somewhere completely different by the way, for instance in prooving that fast shredded guitar solos are possible on a bass or that a bass alone is able to fill up all the space around a drumkit. Moreover, G.I.Joe are definitely able to keep up in the highspeed department. Their drums are practically all over the place, running like Forrest Gump and at times almost stumbling over itself.
Now listen up, because I will now for the first time in history speak out loudly Cracked's law which says that: Noise rock will never go away. Hm, I know, that's not as much as the 10 commandments or Murphy's law, but to me that is one of the biggest consolations live can give me. Noise rock, in other words people who prefer to trash their instruments through a big barrage of amps and watts, who prefer the background his of amplification and distortion to the fine cuvee of flageolett-tones, will always be around. And if their music only surfaces on outdated formats such as the 10" vinyl records, then so be it, as long as these records find their way to me. And that they will. Herewith I end my thanksgiving-prayer. (CRACKED georg)

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