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Supernova 3 & 4

limited to 70 copies, each


supported by:


mission 023


on may 25th to 27th, 2018 - the third issue of the festival ImroCon will happens in graz, in the beautiful and important place 'schaumbad'. it's a space for improvised music (incl. some interstellar artists), discussion, socializing and exploring.
the ImproCon - congress of free improvised music, arts & thoughts is an international creative platform and annual workshop festival organized by croatian association gokul from zabok with slovenian associations kud mreža from ljubljana and klub metulj – youth centre bistrica ob sotli from bistrica ob sotli, partnered by two austrian organizations: schaumbad – freies atelierhaus from graz, and šopron shuffle – trans european music meetings from vienna.


mission 022

the story of sahel sounds

on october 15th, 2017 - interstellar records & werk02 presents the very first time screening, in austria, of the beautiful movie about the label sahel sounds. all this will happens at forum stadtpark, one of our favorite places. next to the movie, there will be a djline of florian kläger (director of a story of sahel sounds) and richie herbst (interstellar), next to a movie talk and a records booth


mission 021

exiles on mainstream

is a project of Rhizom / Graz / Austria as part of the V:NM festival. listening sessions, statements, discourse, artwork, installation with following amazingv austrian labels: chmafu nocords, god records, rock is hell, epileptic media, numavi records and interstellar records. this project runs from may 23rd till may 27th 2017 at Rhizom / Palais Attems / Graz.


mission 020


MONOS/UИD is Opcion´s debut album under this moniker, released on the austrian vinyl-label for contemporary music GOD Records. The first side – MONOS – offers three solo works of heavily processed and composed noise, accompanied with harsh beats. On the second side – UИD – Opcion joins forces with Maja Osojnik (broke.heart.collector), Bernhard Loibner (who works with melita from metalycée tt) and Kurt Bauer, to create three works based on improvisational recordings which were later edited to become fully constructed pieces.


mission 019


the 8th issue of this amazing and sympatic festival 20 km close to linz / austria. located in an old and huge farmers house, definitely in the country side, next to typical austrian farmers animals, there will play year to year, the most interested experimental artists from austria (and sometimes international). this year play interstellar’s like GNANKN, GIS ORCHESTRA, STEFAN FRAUNBERGER, DIDI KERN,…… and there will be a interstellar record booth, too


mission 018


great new band of Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger, Katharina Ernst and Michael Lahner, this quartet from vienna, create an intense form of music that most likely be found somewhere in Tekkno, Ambient and Industrial. In may 2015 they will release their debut album, sounds can be found on their own website.


mission 017

owl rave

amazing new band in the interstellar universe. OWL RAVE is the new band of Gregor Huber (DJ Ego / Todesstern), Maggo Bug (Bug / Todesstern) and Antonia Steiner. this trio is hardly influenced by a town called twin peaks. dark and strange sounds with little hope meets an amazing duo on the vocals. OWL RAVE will have their live debut on january 23rd 2015 in innsbruck and released several sounds on


mission 016


zagreb based duo LIGHTUNE.G (bojan gagic and miodrag gladović) are working hard for an album on interstellar records. these days this amazing project (feat. the guitar player of analena and lunar) are part of the exhibition at the contemporary art museum in zagreb (till end of arpil). lightune.g is something very special! performance technique based on the conversion of light into sound through the photovoltaic effect of solar panel. silicon cells of the solar panels transform the frequencies of light objects into sound images, which can then be modulated by the classic analog effects or processed within different computer audio platforms.


mission 015

freistil #50

FREISTIL, one of the indipendent print zines in austria, celebrates the fact that it's been passionately illuminating the austrian music scene and beyond for 50 issues now. order, support, and take a look at on the homepage. "streut sound ins getriebe". congratulations!


mission 014

rock is hell #50

ROCK IS HELL #50 - it can't get worse than this
congratulation to our friends of rock is hell records to the 50th release. this one is very very special, includes 50 songs! all songs end with a locked groove, most of the locked grooves are loops. a few songs are running inside-out, you have to find out which ones by yourself. this vinyl masterpiece includes a lot of interstellars too, like Tumido, The Striggles, Regolith, Reflector, Ni, Maja Osojnik, Bulbul, Bug, next to a lot of friends like Hella Comet, The Pooka Boys, Road To Wineville, Riverwitch, and and and
and of course available via the interstellar mailorder too


mission 013


unrecords is a new amazing record label based in vienna. unrecords loves vinyl too and is a queer feminist record label. in november 2012 they released their first album: FIRST FATAL KISS / EX-BEST FRIENDS split 12inch
upcoming, this amazing people will release records from bands like NORAH NOISZZZE & BAND, MUTTTRICX and the new album of LES REINES PROCHAINES. of course, actually and upcoming release will be available via our mailorder, too. thrilling!


mission 012

god records

the young label is run by Slobodan Kajkut (drummer of The Striggles, Automassage,...) himself, with a fantastic and extraordinary spectrum of music, from metal to modern classic compositions. releases from artists / composers like Weasel Walter, James Plotkin, KK Null, Lustmord, Bernhard Lang, Philp Jeck, .. and of course Kajkut themself. all releases are now available at our mailorder. vinyl only! explore!


mission 011


A team of about 15 people around mur.at (Graz/Austria) builds its first nanosatellite called mursat1, based on the knowledge of Interorbital Systems, IOS, and developped further following our research requests.

In 2011, mursat1 will be sent into space. We expand Public Space - noncommercial, noninstitutional, experimental, researching and exploring - to see, hear, test, send, receive and perform.


mission 010

the sweetest noise

'The Sweetest Noise' is the new blog from the doctor!
Who? Dr. Nachtstrom, maybe you know him as a so called 'tausendsassa' from Graz / Austria, some years ago he published releases on the established Vienna based label Mego, aired his fantastic radio show/blog 'Uberklang' on radio Helsinki and so on ....

His new blog provides us with news from the international noise scene and in addition - due to the fact of his excellent taste of music - he'll introduce the pearls from the underground and other grounds.


mission 009

the compromise is not possible

is the title of an hour-long composition written for female voice, drums, electric guitar and organ by Slobodan Kajkut, an independent contemporary composer from Serbia. It premiered in 2005 in Graz as a commissioned piece for "Hörfest", a festival for contemporary music.

Written to be performed at churches only, it is a combination of traditional contemporary composition techniques with Rock and Heavy Metal: Harmonies, rythmic changes and silence meets distorted guitars, feedback orgies and drums inspired by Speed and Death Metal.
Three years after its premiere at St. Andrä Church in Graz, it was reperfomed by the same musicians at the same location and recorded and released as a double LP by the austrian independent label Wire Globe Recordings.

For all of you, who wonder who Slobodan is: "The Striggles" - rings a bell? he's part of them, among other bands like "Jubbooko sa Negrass", "Mizar" and "Betty Blue".

On november 4th 2009 "the compromise is not possible" will be performed at the parish church (Stadtpfarrkirche) of Linz at 20:30.

Robert Lepenik - guitar
Christine Scherzer - voice
Hannes Kerschbaumer - organ
Wolfgang Eichinger - drums

mission 008

film ist. a girl & a gun

info: film ist. a girl & a gun
In his new phenomenal movie "film ist. a girl & a gun", Gustav Deutsch takes us once again back to the time when cinema was born. Collected scenes from screenings, taken around the prior turn of the century were arranged to a collage, telling a second story if you "read between the scenes".
Documentary, fictional, pornographic, scientific and propaganda images are cut in a way to alienate them from their original purpose, leaving a different story behind.

Lucia Pulido, Martin Siewert, Burkhard Stangl and Christian Fennesz created a stunning soundtrack that might tell us even a third story from scene to scene. We at Interstellar Records are very proud to release two songs from this soundtrack: 2 Colombian traditionals backed by Vienna's finest sound wizards.

mission 007

Reheat 08

on august 23rd 08, for the second time, the Reheat Festival will take place at the kleyehof close to nickelsdorf. this festival is one of the very special ones:
performances, lives artists, installations and perfect atmosphere at a homestead. this year a lot of friends and other great artists are involved:
Bulbul with Maja Osonjik, Tronestoner, Didi Bruckmayr, Nin Com Poop, Martin & Peter Brandlmayr and and and and ....
see you there http://reheat.klingt.org/

mission 006


record stores opened and died in Linz in the last couple of years in a row (except for one great, who still serves fantastic stuff from out of his flat). finally, there was no more possiblity for buying new and unexplored music in our town, besides at shows.

but 3 months ago activists, labels and artists started selling their stuff at the KAPUTIQUE, located in the greatest club in town: KAPU. records (mostly vinyl, of course), clothes, zines, comics, with a focus on the local scene and - certainly - all of our releases and mailorder stuff.

a great place for hanging around.

mission 005


listen: GIGI'S GOGOS on myspace
GIGI'S GOGOS on zach
gigi's? gogos? sounds a bit like table-dancing, doesn't it? ha! got you!!
GIGI'S GOGOS is a bigband project conducted by TUMIDO's Gigi himself, a freejazz? noise? impro? rock? ...-something and definitely worth a listen (or two, if you care).
this 13-man-combo comprises members of BULBUL, TUMIDO, NIRWAKIA, FUCKHEAD, DELILAH and whonot and their debut release on ZACH REC rocks!!

mission 004


listen: COG - on volvo
(from their upcoming s/t album on moonlee)
info: COG
COG on moonlee
holidays in croatia not only gets you sunburned (given you go there in summer of course) but also always gets you to know some new great stuff and bands each time been there. COG (CourseOver Ground) is 3 guys from osijek (hr), raw and heavy noise rock with an obvious obsession and influence for older touch&go stuff and they simply kick ass! moonlee rec. are about to release their 4th album in feb. 2007 - can't wait for it!

mission 003


listen: STILL - futility (PG004)
TREPHINE - age of reptiles (PG003)
DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS - holy innocents (PG002)
CREAM ABDUL BABAR - dirty minutes (PG001)
info: public guilt rec.
is a label from the states, kinda soulmates, totally sympathetical, with a bunch of great releases from STILL (ex-DÄlek), DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS, TREPHINE and CREAM ABDUL BABAR! plus: the guys over there additionally run IMPLIED SOUND - a 7"-only companion label to PUBLIC GUILT with up-coming releases from PSYCHIC PARAMOUNT, STROTTER INST. and ALUK TODOLO! definitely worth a look and listen!!

mission 002

XIMEL (bilbao/spain)

listen: gabeziaren barruan ihesi
(from their split with WMOS)
info: space patrol rec. XIMEL myspace
2004 split /w WEEPING MINDS OF SILENCE CD (space patrol)
is a 3-piece from the basque country, from bilbao (spain) to be more precise. heavy bass/guitars, distorted screaming and poundering drums - if you're into bands like BREACH, UNSANE or WHITE TORNADO you will definitely love them! (we already do!)
formed in 2000, they toured spain, france and switzerland quite a bit but unfortunately not hit austria so far, but we're still hoping for them to come...
XIMEL released a split with french WEEPING MINDS OF SILENCE so far, and their tracks on this record are absolutely mind blowing - and: they plan to record an album later this year plus will be on tour in 08/05 with UNSANE and TODAY IS THE DAY!!! if they come to play near by you - go for it!! we promise, you won't regret!

pics: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

mission 001

ROOM 204 (nantes/france)

listen: flex over
(from 'trans panda')
info: kythibong rec./room 204
2003 s/t CD (kythibong)
2003 split /w CHEVREUIL 7"
2005 trans panda CD (effervescence)
2005 trans panda LP
(kythibong/les potagers natures)
ROOM 204
are 2 crazy guys from nantes (france) - a guitar/drums-duo that makes us think of a mix of DON CABALLERO and ... the OXES?

this comparison fails them by far though. their live show in january '05 in austria left us mouth-open -- frenzy instrumental noise rock, loud, distorted - yeah!!

their last album 'trans panda' is top notch, plus: murmeltier/bär did a great job with the artwork - just some of various reasons for us to choose these guys for being first of our discovery series!

pics: [1] [2]

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